Change Can Be Good…Really!

In the past week, I’ve had no less than three people, all from my close community, tell me that my blog posts seem sad, or worrying, or stressed. Don’t worry, faithful readers! I’m doing just fine. I’m continuing to learn and grow, and enjoying the process most of the time.

I mean, yes, I have been going through some stress, but I think it’s really about change. As an Earth sign, I’ve noticed that when I start making changes, it kind of freaks me out a bit until I get used to the new positive habits I’m establishing. Going through the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse helped me release a lot of old habits and thoughts. I paused for a while to let them pass, and maybe even mourned them a bit. Now I’m getting moving in my new direction.

The other thing I’ve been trying to do is to be more “real” in my posts. I like to share positive thoughts and feelings, but at the same time, life does have its challenges. When I think about the books and movies I enjoy, the plot most often includes some kind of problem or challenge that the main characters then try to overcome. So I’ve opened up a bit more, in order to share some of the less-than-perfect days (we all have them) and how I deal with them.

Anyway, here’s a taste of some of the positive things I’ve been focused on recently: Quester’s new job (he starts training this week), doing more Reiki sessions, learning new things with the kids, celebrating two friends’ birthdays this week, an awesome teleseminar with Christine Kane, watching the cats play crazily indoors since it’s too cold for them outside, hanging out with the family, reading good books, taking walks in the snow, and watching episodes of Legend of the Seeker. What’s new with you?


Change Can Be Good…Really! — 1 Comment

  1. First of all, thank you for continuing to grow and challenge yourself! So many people are fearful of these changes and tend to get stuck in panic mode. I know this can be hard sometimes.

    Also, I appreciate you incorporating more both sides (dark and light) in a public arena. Sharing your experiences and not just sharing platitudes encourages and inspires others. Keep that up!

    Congrats on Matt’s new job! Hopefully, it’s something he’s going to -love- doing!

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