Use Your Imagination

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of predictable thinking. I appreciate traditions and the cycles of life, but doing things because “that’s how we’ve always done it” can cause us to miss wonderful opportunities for growth and joy. The best way to get out of this kind of pattern is to use your imagination.

We often hear about the value of visualization in creating what we want. Visualization can seem like a complicated or mysterious process, reserved for “the big stuff” like healing from a disease or finding a new job. In fact, visualization is just a matter of using your imagination. And it can be used in any situation.

I just read an excellent article about imagination in Yoga Journal, “It’s All in Your Mind,” written by Sally Kempton. She explains that we use our imagination all the time, whether unconsciously or on purpose. Kempton writes, “imagination always precedes transformation. Every important change you’ve made in your life, inner or outer, started with an act of imagination.” She goes on to describe the different words for imagination in Sanskrit, detail their meanings, and discuss how to harness the power of imagination in your daily life.

I use my imagination mostly in my creative projects and with the big transformations I’m hoping to manifest, sometimes forgetting that it’s available to me all the time. But reading this article and thinking about imagination has inspired me to consciously use it more often. From coming up with gift-giving ideas to helping one of the kids with a math problem to what to make for dinner, my imagination is a wonderful resource. I can tap into it anytime, and the ideas I find will enhance my experience.

With practice and regular use, my ability to imaginatively transform my moment-to-moment experience will increase. Not only that, it’s fun, too!


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