Sweet Success!

This is the final post in our 30-day blog challenge! Sweet success! I’m glad we did this experiment. I thought for the last post in the challenge I’d share what I’ve learned and what my plans are for the blog as I move forward.

It was indeed a challenge to sit down every day and write something for the blog. The challenging part was usually just taking the time. I found that I tend to write in the later part of the evening, because that way I can write about things that have happened or that I’ve been thinking about during the day. Most of the time, coming up with ideas and topics wasn’t a problem. That’s true for my creative work as a whole – I have a ton of ideas, but making the time to follow through on them is what I need to practice.

I also found that with the focus on writing on the blog each day, the amount of writing that I did in general has increased a bit. I more often turned to my journal to jot down ideas and thoughts, particularly when I was away from access to a computer. I enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the challenge, too – BlackLion and I edited posts for each other, and I found myself more often reading other people’s blogs to see how they presented their thoughts. Reading the comments and feedback on various entries (including which ones generated more responses) was fascinating.

The next step for this blog is…to keep blogging! I don’t know that I’ll do it every single day, but I do enjoy it and I’ve had positive feedback from readers. It’s easier for me to do the plain text posts than to add the pictures, but I do want to include more pictures because I think it adds depth to what I’m describing or relating. So my goals for this blog are to keep up with making frequent posts (say, five per week) and to add more photos.

My writing goal in general is to take time every day to work on my writing projects. BlackLion and I are forming a further challenge along those lines. We’re still figuring out the details, but we want to focus on our shared writing projects as well as individual creative work.

I appreciate you reading my thoughts and ideas in this forum! And an extra thanks to those who have taken the time to leave comments. You rock!

Tell me what you think!

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