Sunflower Dreaming

After a delightful conversation and some inspiring reading before bed last night, I had some cool dreams. Floating through them was the image of a sunflower. Sometimes it was on its own, but a lot of the images were of me drawing or somehow creating sunflower pictures.

Sunflowers in dreams can mean abundance, warmth, and spiritual guidance. Also, the Sun is returning and I may be able to subconsciously feel its energy…even while it’s snowing outside. I think the sunflower image is connected to the excitement I have about my plans for this year. I want to energize my active spiritual focus, adding new practices and learning new things as well as renewing ones that I enjoy.

I’ve done some journaling today about my sunflower dreams and decided that I’ll make a sunflower collage. Quester is working on his holiday gift for me, which is some new shelves over my desk. So after a bit of organizing I’ll have more space for art and other projects. BlackLion also has a big art table in his new space. Lots of art and writing are in the cards for this year!

Tell me what you think!

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