Maine Wholeschoolers’ Fundraiser a Huge Success

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community, the Spaghetti Supper was a huge success! We raised over $400., and the discussions at our celebration tonight have been about a trip to the Boston Museum of Science, helping our new Drama Club put on a play they write in a real theater, and investing in a community service project to help disadvantaged girls & women (among other things).

Thank you all so very much for supporting this very cool and creative group of kids in their chosen education!


Maine Wholeschoolers’ Fundraiser a Huge Success — 2 Comments

  1. Fantastic! I was happy to see such a huge turn-out …

    … and for my part, I can’t thank you enough for providing dinner for my family. It was so nice to have a meal already prepared (that wasn’t pizza :), still warm, when we got home from the long evening of dance classes. I should put something in the crockpot every Thursday … but I usually don’t.

    Anyway, thanks a million! It was delicious, and the best part was getting to see everyone ;).

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