A Balanced Lifestyle

We’ve been really busy lately, for various reasons, and I’m feeling a bit of strain and a desire to slow down. There are also some creative projects that I’ve been neglecting simply because I’ve been out straight “doing stuff.”

It seems that our family’s balance between busy and relaxed varies quite a bit. Sometimes we’ll get so busy that, in reaction, we decide to cut back on some of our activities for a while. Since the kids both play team sports, there are some things they want to continue regardless, so we’ve incorporated practices and games into the regular schedule. As the one who does most of the family’s scheduling, I try to be aware of not putting too much on our collective plates. But at certain times of year, there are so many cool things going on that it’s hard to reign in our desire to participate.

This time of year is especially interesting, because I have enthusiasm about the holiday season, doing volunteer work, and celebrating with loved ones, yet there is also my connection with nature’s rhythms urging me to stay still and go inward. I’ve always been a fan of “the middle path,” and I think we can have it both ways.

Tonight I’m taking some down time, and I think tomorrow I’ll continue it throughout the day. We don’t have any plans on the schedule. I’ve been looking at some other blogs this evening (for inspiration) and came across this post about “X Days” on the blog A Handmade Life. I like the idea, especially since having a “day off” doesn’t mean that we won’t do anything at all. That would probably drive me crazy (I’m a Virgo, after all). It simply means taking time to slow down and focus on the projects or activities we choose, not the ones that “have to” be done in that moment so that we can move on to the next task.

I have lots of creative and joyful options! Some of the projects I want to focus on are: writing, making holiday cards, decorating the tree, and sending out invitations for our Yule gathering. Some fun activities might include: reading to the kids, creating my character for our new Cyberpunk game, reading fiction, and watching a holiday movie with the family. As well as just sitting and contemplating this lovely life I’m helping to create.

Tell me what you think!

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