Feline Divine

I’m always telling everyone how much I love cats – and it’s all true. But why do I have such an affinity for them?

When I was a very small child, my Dad helped me start a campaign. At the time, Mom didn’t care for cats (though she loves them now). Dad said, “every little girl should have a cat.” We soon won her over, and they took me to a neighbor’s house to pick out my very own kitten. As soon as I saw Blacky looking up at me and blinking his wide eyes, that was it. I was enchanted.

What do I love about cats? Here are just a few things, among many:

– Cats are excellent sleepers and dreamers. These babies don’t mess around. They shamelessly sleep as much as they want, in the most comfy spots they can find.
– They are genuine. Cats won’t come when you call them, unless they feel like it. They do whatever they want to do. Cats never do things they don’t want to, just to please someone else. I admire that.
– Cats are so very beautiful! I find the feline form to be the essence of grace and poise. They are the original yogis.
– I love their soft fur and snuggles and the sound of their purring. So comforting!
– Cats are healers. If you’re feeling sick or sad, they’ll come and curl up close to you and prepare for a nap. They send special healing vibes through their kneading paws.
– They are royalty. The ancient Egyptians knew this. Some of us have not forgotten.
– Cats are playful. Even the oldest, most dignified cat will sometimes act like a little kitten when the mood strikes them or the moon is full. They play just for the sheer joy of it.
– All cats are independent. They enjoy their human companions, but they are also just fine on their own, thank you very much.
– They love freely. Cats aren’t afraid to show you how much they adore you. When they feel like it, of course.


Feline Divine — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Nikki. I agree, I love cats, and for all the attributes you mentioned. Especially the healing energy part. When I was 5 mos pregnant with Rachel I started having contractions one night. I was sarred and knew it was definately too early. However being in complete denial I did not say anything to Mark. I went to bed and was just lying there worrying when my black cat at the time, Samantha, jumped up and settled herself on my belly. She started purring and I woke up a bit later and realized the contractions had stopped. I believe that her purring and warmth calmed the contactions. Everything went normally thereafter.

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