Dryst’s Milestone Birthday

Thirteen years ago today, I became a Mom. Today, I’ve become the Mom of a teenage boy. Happy birthday to my dear Dryst!

He was born in Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 9 pounds, after a long labor and eventually a C-section at 2am. It was quite an intense experience. He was welcomed by a strong community of family and friends. My Mom came up for the birth and stayed for a week, taking care of our new little family.

Being the child of hippies that he is, Dryst has been a Pagan and a vegetarian since birth. He had a naming ritual, and has a Godfather and a Goddessmother. He is of course welcome to explore whatever religion calls to him, but so far he says he enjoys being Pagan and celebrating the seasons. And, interestingly, seems to have no interest in trying meat, either. Though he hasn’t followed us on the vegan path so much, as he loves his cheese.

Dryst’s interests and joys include soccer, lacrosse, video and computer games (especially ones like World of Warcraft and Halo 3), basketball, dogs, swimming and diving, Mexican food, alternative rock, pop, and rap music, hanging out with his friends, and movies. Today he is going to his first Red Sox game!


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