Our Next Big Adventure

Tonight we’re off on our next big adventure! We are going to a SCA event in western Pennsylvania, called Pennsic. It’s two weeks of camping in medieval style (well, somewhat). We’re new to it, so our tents are still modern and we have a limited amount of period gear. Some folks who’ve been doing re-enactment for a while have these beautiful canvas pavilion tents, decked out with wooden beds, tapestries, and vanities. Check out some of the pictures you can find online.

Anyway, we’ve been working hard to get ready. All our camping gear is set, my awesome Aunt made us all lovely garb (period clothing), and ElvenTiger has been researching medieval hairstyles. The kids are going to bring their bows and participate in archery classes and tournaments. We’re going to take classes in period dance, drumming, history, crafts, calligraphy, and illumination. Plus attending parties and dances, and volunteering at Herald’s Point, and generally doing what we feel like (as usual). We’re hoping to find some other unschoolers at the event, so the kids have like-minded folks to hang out with.

We won’t be taking the laptop (too modern…plus no electricity to recharge it), but I will have my digital camera, and will post pictures when we return.


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