I’ve always liked the concept of bartering. Even in our money-based economy, people with skills, products or services to share can find their needs met by sharing them with others who may have just the thing they’re looking for.

Lately, I’ve noticed more evidence of people seeking out barter in their lives, and it has made its way into my own experience. A good friend who is a massage therapist has been offering her (delightful!) services at reduced rates to her community members. Recently, she’s also offering to barter for massage. Her barter ideas are things she wants to learn about: nutritious cooking, doing Tarot readings, that sort of thing. To me, it sounds like she’s not only looking to expand her knowledge, but also to offer massage as a way to encourage the creativity in the community and help it to flourish.

Quester is bartering some of his landscaping expertise and physical strength for a six-week spirituality class that he, BlackLion and I want to attend. Again, it’s a good match for everyone. That’s when barter is at its best: when it unfolds naturally and all parties are loving what they’re receiving, as well as finding joy in the giving.

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