I Never Thought of It That Way

“You do realize that Abraham and Seth and those guys are probably outlaws?” said Dryst (age 12) this morning. I replied “What, for talking to us?” “Yeah, the very fact that more of them haven’t come, proves it. It’s probably like, ‘don’t mess with the Earth people, let them evolve by themselves!'” He’s really insightful, this kid. Though somehow this observation makes me love the channeled teachers even more. Go rebel oversouls!


I Never Thought of It That Way — 1 Comment

  1. Me, Gillian, from the radical unschooling list.
    I love this perspective. This may be weird but it makes me feel really cared about that they are going out of their way for us.
    If your son accepts hugs tell him I sent one for him from Trinidad

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