A Curious Dream

I was hanging out with a friend in his apartment (a dreamtime friend, apparently; I didn’t recognize him from waking life) in a city. We went out for a while, to get something to eat, but when we came back to his street, his apartment building was gone. Not demolished or burned down, but just…not there. He was incredulous and upset, and checked up and down the street, and several adjoining streets, making sure we were in the right neighborhood, looking at building numbers, and just generally freaking out. Finally I made him stop and look at me, and said, “look, it’s obvious we’ve somehow gotten into a different reality. You’re trying to solve this with logic, with your left brain, but it’s not a logical situation. I know you’re not going to like this, but we’re going to have to solve it with magick.” I asked him to take me to a place in nature. He said there wasn’t anyplace, we were right in the city, but finally admitted there was a golf course nearby, “but we’re not supposed to go there.” I said “perfect,” and we snuck onto the golf course and found a cluster of trees with low, gnarled branches. We sat down to work our magick. Pretty soon we started to see fantastical creatures walking around the golf course. My friend was still incredulous, but I took it as a good sign that we were between the worlds. Unfortunately, that was when I woke up, so I don’t know if my right-brain solution got us back to the reality we started in, or not.

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