Starcat’s Favorites: Life Goes On

fd140716thepathOne of the things I love most about life is that, no matter what crises happen, big or small, life goes on. There are always a zillion opportunities to connect, to share kindness and compassion, to show our love. There are present moments, stretching out in a chain from now to forever, ready for us but to awaken.

I think those of us who are particularly intelligent, in an academic brainy sort of sense, can get ourselves into trouble. We take things too seriously, too literally, too personally, sometimes. We forget about our intuition and our heart’s deep knowing. We block out our other perceptions, the ones that are connected to Source, rooted in Spirit. I would urge you, as a reader of this blog (and thus at least somewhat interested in things spiritual) to remember the bigger picture, and connect to that Divine Source.

Here are some fun and interesting links for your weekend. Relax and enjoy!

Have lots of varying interests? It’s fine to pursue all of them – you really don’t have to pick just one.

You don’t have to go out looking for your passion. It’s right there in front of you! Need a little nudge to help you notice it? Here’s a fun and useful tool.

Using permaculture to observe your inner landscape and regain your awareness of interconnectedness. Wow!

Maybe, even now, things are safer than you think. And we are all interconnected.

 “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

It’s That Time of Year

ainegirlyI woke up this morning with no blankets, and one tiny corner of the bed where I was squished to the edge of the mattress. Why? Snuggling dogs. We have two medium-sized dogs, who somehow become Great Big Giant Bed-Stealing Canines when the weather gets cooler. Still, they’re so cute – who could kick them off?

Both of the cat brothers are also sleeping indoors at night, now that the lows are in the 30s and 40s. The heat has been turned on, and slippers are essential.

It’s that time of year.

Sure, I’m a huge fan of summer. I love the hot weather and the chance to swim outdoors and lie in the hammock. But autumn is nice, too. I resist the cold weather and early sunsets for a while, and then I remember how much I love this inward-turning time of year.

This fall I’m working on my fourth book, called The Heart of the Goddess. The draft is done, and now I’m deep into the editing process. I’m loving my work, perched at the kitchen table with my laptop and a hot cup of tea. It sounds like bragging when I say it, but truly…this one is something special. I’m captivated.

I journal more, in the fall. I read more, if that’s possible. I sleep even more deeply. I muse and plan and envision new creative projects. My inner landscape unfolds as I go a bit further into hibernation mode.

There’s something truly special about this dark time of the year, between Samhain and Winter Solstice. It’s a time when we long to hunker down in our cozy homes and just BE. I encourage you to do just that. Never mind the long work hours, the perennial housework, and the other demands of a busy modern life. You can squeeze in some down time. You know it will feel good.

Take some extra time for relaxation, now or over the weekend. Plan an afternoon of doing only the things that you want to do. How often do you do that, really? It’s essential to take time to recharge now and then. You might want to devote your attention to a juicy novel, binge-watch your favorite series, bundle up and walk on the beach, or just dive head-first into a long nap.

What do you need?

Give yourself the gift of some extra rest and relaxation. After all, it’s that time of year.


Musings on the Tarot

rp_Queens-300x168.jpgFor years and years, I used a 3-card Tarot spread as part of my daily spiritual practice. Then I guess I sort of got tired of using the cards. Around 2011 or so, my practice evolved to focus more on meditation and journaling.

In 2014, I started doing a monthly Tarot reading for myself on the New Moon. I haven’t missed a month yet! It felt good to get back to using the cards regularly, if less often. I was still a bit resistant about doing readings for others, though. I’m not sure why.

Lately I’ve been gradually moving back toward using Tarot more often. I’ve given several readings for friends over the past few months. At a women’s group I attend, we used the cards while working with our ancestors, and the woman who was running the circle asked me to help her with interpreting the cards the women drew.

It feels good to be back to using Tarot in various parts of my life. I feel like I have a new appreciation for it, and a refreshed approach. So I thought it might be fun to do a little series on the Tarot, here on the blog.

What would be most useful to you? Here are some of the ideas I’ve had: I could choose or draw a card and then base a blog post on it (like this), write about how to use Tarot for personal growth work, review specific Tarot decks, or perhaps create my own Tarot layouts and share them here. Please let me know what sounds interesting to you. If you have additional ideas, please share those, too.

The decks I use most often currently are:

The Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and Linda Ravenscroft
Sacred Circle Tarot Deck by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason (shown in the picture, above)
Voyager Tarot by James Wanless

What do you think? Do you use Tarot in your spiritual practice? Would you like to learn about it? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks!

Starcat’s Favorites: The Full Moon

mybeachspot2Happy Full Moon!

Most of my energy right now is wrapped up in finishing my book draft. Still, a writer needs a break now and then, so I’ll be hitting the beach tomorrow evening to howl at the moon with my wild women sisters. (Thank goodness for the warmth of the campfire!) I’ve been doing some crafting, which for me seems to go along with cooler weather. And I discovered some cool new links for you, in my random glances at the internet between writing sessions. Enjoy!

Taking advantage of the fall energies to get back to the basics.

My friend Julie wrote this inspiring story about The Spirit Pub.

I love this post about how to support introverted kids – not only because it’s useful for parents, but also for the simple, clear description of what it means to be an introvert.

I’m still in the midst of learning about ethical business and prosperity, and so several of my links this week are along those lines. Like this one about focusing on giving, simplifying, and listening to your heart. Gratitude practices are rocking my world, and I’m not the only one. Here’s an article on how to add spunk to your writing.

This week’s money inspiration: a sweet post about loving your bills, and how to manifest faster. What? I’m only a little impatient.

Back to the book-writing now. Have a terrific weekend!

Authenticity in Community

wp_20130826_015My Word of the Year for 2016, which I chose late last fall, is AUTHENTIC. I made a good choice. It’s been really fulfilling, and quite freeing. My good friend Dawn recently posted the following goal in an online group we’re both part of (shared with permission):

“My goal right now, in life and in my business, is to be my authentic self 100% rather than trying to ‘fit in,’ which leaves me feeling insecure and awkward. I am so much happier and successful when I am ME without apologies.”

Such an awesome goal! Yet it can be tough to reconcile being yourself fully, and being a part of your various communities. Think about it – is your personality the same no matter who you’re with? Even when you’re being authentic?

Mine isn’t.

When I’m with my wild women full moon sisters, I get giggly and sometimes loud, and more daring than I might otherwise be (skinny dipping? I’m in!). If I’m in a group of people I don’t know very well, like at the women’s business dinners I’ve been attending, I’m much more likely to be quiet and observant. I’m not putting a damper on my wild-woman self, I just feel more authentic scoping out the situation first, before I open up. There’s nothing wrong with either scenario, or with opening up to varying degrees.

For me, being my authentic self in community means going with the flow and following my intuition as I interact with others.

It’s also important to be kind and respectful, even when you’re being authentic. I had another friend, years ago, who felt it was okay to yell and make accusations when she was upset with someone. “I’m just being authentic,” she would say. She felt comfortable enough with certain friends to lash out at them when she was angry. Is that being authentic, though, or just plain rude? Acknowledging when you’re upset with someone is authentic, but I feel like it should be done in a way that’s respectful of their feelings.

Here’s Dawn’s insightful take on how to keep things balanced:

“An important part of me being authentic is empathy. Empathy for others keeps me in check even when I have loud opinions and strong feelings. Empathy for myself allows me to speak up for my self even if it is not a popular opinion or easy emotion.”

So, if you’re sometimes your wildest self and sometimes playing it cool, if you share your feelings in ways that are both empowering and respectful, what does being authentic really mean?

What I’ve discovered this year is that being authentic means that I get to decide where (and how) I place my attention. When I follow this flow, in community or on my own, my intuition won’t steer me wrong. Here’s an example. This year I wanted to be part of starting a women’s full moon group with some friends. Organizing activities in advance and trying to get women to come – wasn’t really satisfying. Scheduling time to meet at the beach and celebrating with whoever could make it by doing whatever felt right – amazing and powerful!

It also means knowing when to let go. I’ve stopped participating in some activities and groups I was formerly part of, because it was no longer fun or fulfilling. I’m no longer friends with the woman who wanted to vent her anger loudly, because it made me feel afraid and hurt. I don’t generally hang out with people that I feel anxious around – or if I have a good reason to do so occasionally, I’m careful about setting my boundaries and staying centered in my own self-worth.

To me, being my authentic self means staying in tune with my intuition and following her cues. To return to my earlier example, sometimes howling at the moon and dancing around the campfire with my wild sisters is the most wonderful thing I can imagine. Other times, I want to stay home in my pajamas and curl up with a book, or take a quiet walk with just one friend.

Being true to yourself isn’t always easy. Choosing to stay home might disappoint friends who were excited to see me. But ultimately I think they’d rather I spend time with them when I’m feeling joyful about it, rather than obligated.

Being your most authentic self in community allows you to go with the flow and follow your heart. It means you trust yourself to know what’s right for you in each situation. It’s so freeing, and deeply rewarding. And your authentic tribe will understand.

6 Ideas for a Daily Self-Love Practice

coffeeshophippieYou can see the value of learning to love yourself. You understand why it’s important. You know it will help you live a more joyful life, appreciate others more, and have more energy for pursuing your most cherished dreams. But how on Earth do you get there?

Like any skill worth having, self-love comes through dedicated practice.

In this case, learning to love yourself more is a matter of spiritual practice. What do I mean by that? Spiritual practice is something that you do regularly to get connected with the divine. Divine can mean different things to different people. For you it might be your concept of God or Goddess or the Universe, or concepts like love and compassion, or simply the all-pervasive energy that the cosmos is made of – the definition is up to you.

The goal is to feel more connected to that which makes you feel like an integral part of a loving whole. To feed your soul. To feel nourished and valued for who you are, as you are. Rather than looking outside yourself for validation, you’ll look within.

The goal of connection can be accomplished in many different ways. Here are your three main criteria for choosing a practice: 1. It feels good. 2. You’re willing to commit to it. 3. It fits into your daily life.

When you’re starting your self-love practice, make a solid commitment to it. Three weeks is the minimum for forming a new habit, so start there. You might already know what you want to choose, or you may have no idea.

Below are some suggestions to choose from. Pick one and adapt it, making it your own. Now make the commitment, and tell someone about it. Accountability will help you succeed in your goal; choose a trusted friend or loved one who will uplift and encourage you.

Don’t let resistance or doubt stop you from making a start. Begin today, and let the self-love flow into your soul.

Listen Within. Whether you’ve ever meditated or not, sitting in silence is a valuable practice for encouraging self-love. Stop and sit, listening carefully for the wisdom of your intuition, which is connected to your soul, and thus to the divine. Try 10 minutes every morning or evening, to start.

Affirm Your Worth. Create or choose some affirmations that are about loving yourself. Choose one each morning and say it at least 7 times to yourself in the shower. Or write your affirmations multiple times in your journal. Post them around the house, where you’ll see them often. Chant them as you exercise or clean the house.

Sweet Talk Yourself. You can unlearn the negative self-talk that comes automatically to the surface of your mind. Resolve to speak kindly and compassionately to yourself. Find a bracelet that slips on and off your arm easily, and dedicate it to helping you relearn self-talk. Whenever you find yourself speaking to or about yourself in a negative way (in your mind or aloud), switch the bracelet to the other arm. Now make a point of saying at least one kind thing to yourself.

Move Your Body. Exercise brings endorphins and smooths out your emotional edges. It will also help you love your physical form more. Find a fun way to move that you love to do: hike, work in the garden, walk your dog, make love, or dance around the kitchen with your kids. Show gratitude to your body for all the wonderful things it does.

Keep a Journal. Start a journal or notebook dedicated to loving yourself. Write in it every day. What should you write? Affirmations, intentions for the day, goals and dreams, things you’re great at, things you want to learn more about, places you’d like to visit. Doodle and draw. Use lots of colorful pens, and maybe stickers. Have fun with it!

Play, Play, Play! There are things in your life that you love to do, that feel like play to you. What are they? Do them more! It might be creating music, doing crafts, going to the movies, baking a delicious cake, walking on the beach, or redecorating your bedroom. Whatever lights your fire – do that. By regularly making time for play, you’re showing yourself that your pleasure and delight are worth savoring.

Now it’s your turn. Pick one of the above suggestions or create your own. Post a comment and share your new self-love practice. Blessings!

Gratitude Takes Over the World

amazingbookI’ve just finished reading a life-changing book. As a bookworm, I probably say that a lot, and I’m not making it up. But truly, this is a game-changer. I think you should read it. As soon as possible.

The book is Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout. I’m currently 10 days into the main practice of the book, which is mentioned in the subtitle: “A 30-Day Experiment In Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.” And it’s working. I mean, I’m already a pretty happy person. But I’ve been receiving amazing blessings, opening to more joy than ever, and acting like a kid in a candy store, just in the course of everyday life.

Quester actually asked me to tone it down a little yesterday. That made me laugh!

The book did, too. If you’ve read Pam Grout’s books before, you’ll know that she’s pretty hilarious. Her stories are fun and easy to identify with. She’s definitely one of those spiritual leaders who can dance, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed her book E Squared, too, but for some reason this one just seems especially powerful.

It might be partly that I’m really ready for it. But I think so many of us are. We’re so ready to ditch the old patriarchal, limitation-filled, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, materialistic world. Enough, already! By opening yourself to the magick and blessings that are all around you, you truly are opening yourself to further blessings. With those blessings – the ones you recognize that you already have and the new ones that keep flooding in – you’re living in a positive state, rather than being constantly stressed and worried. From that place, you can much more easily be of big service to the world.

Gratitude is the practice. It’s the quickest, most effective way to open yourself to the channel you really want to be tuned into as you walk this Earth. Grout’s sound advice, sprinkled with fascinating research and wonder-invoking anecdotes, will help you get onto the frequency of gratitude in a big way, in just 5 minutes a day.

It can’t hurt to try it, right?

I most highly recommend it. I’m thinking that even after the 30 days, I’ll keep my new gratitude practice up and running. It’s powerful stuff.

Starcat’s Favorites: Abundant Harvest

Happy Autumn! And Happy Spring to those of you in the southern hemisphere! It is the time for harvest, and the gardens and farmer’s markets are full of abundant vegetables and fruits. Delicious! It’s also time to take a look at what we’re harvesting in our personal lives, and to share our gratitude for all the many blessings we receive all the time.

goddess-awakening-cover-smallWhat are you receiving at this sacred harvest time? What are you most thankful for? I’m thankful for my wonderful community of family and friends, both near and far. I’m SO thankful for the overwhelmingly positive response to our new e-book, Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine (get your free copy here). I’m especially thankful for the contributors who shared their gems of wisdom. I’m thankful for my home, and for all the delicious food we create. We just got back from NYC, where we attended the Life Without Instructions unschooling conference. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to travel and to hang out with such inspiring people of all ages!

My personal focus lately has been on expanding my business and being able to contribute more meaningfully to our family’s financial needs. Thus, several of the links below center around that topic. I’m so very grateful for all of these resources, for being lovingly supported, and for learning new ways of being.

This is my favorite prosperity resource so far. I’m loving the 30-day experiment! I’ve also started a Pinterest board for my prosperity studies if you’d like more ideas.

Here are 16 habits of the rich – and they might not be what you’d think.

Lessons from a self-made millionaire (swear word alert!). I’m reading one of her books and I just love her.

Looking at your work day and productivity in a whole new way – especially great for entrepreneur, work-at-home types.

On ethical leadership.

Last but not least – and just for fun – the power of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I hope you’re enjoying the bright crisp days, tasty apples, and pumpkin spice everything – if that’s your sort of thing. I’m looking forward to having some apple cider cake tonight, thanks to my Mom. Blessings!

Gratitude to Yemaya!

Last weekend I posted, among other things, a link to an article about the Feast Day of Yemaya, the Mother of Oceans. On Thursday, I gathered with three witchy friends at my favorite beach, and we did a ritual offering to the Goddess Yemaya. It was beautiful, profound, and such a delight.


We gave offerings to Yemaya, said prayers to Her, and made wishes. Then we swam in the ocean, getting tossed around by the cold waves, laughing and shrieking. It was amazing.


Early this morning, I visited another beach, in the company of BlackLion, his Mom (who is our official photographer), and ElvenTiger. We did the book cover photo shoot for our two upcoming books. Yemaya was with us there, too.

We were graced with a gorgeous sunrise and perfect weather. The official book cover pictures will be shared later, but here’s a pre-dawn photo I took when we first arrived on the beach.


And this is BlackLion’s shot of the sunrise, with our favorite model, ElvenTiger.


I’m so thankful for my family, my friends, the gorgeous place where we live, and the Goddess Yemaya’s blessings. I love this life. Blessed Be!

Starcat’s Favorites: Labors of Love

Purple FlowerHappy Labor Day weekend, if you’re in the U.S. If not, well, happy weekend anyway! The list of resources I want to share with you this week certainly reflects my own recent labors, working on my two book projects. The Heart of the Goddess book in particular has had me following the trails of some interesting topics I needed to research. I love my work.

Today, though, I took some time off from writing and spent a lovely morning with my Mom, visiting a craft fair in a local seaside town. My friend from high school and her band were playing, so we got to say hello to her and enjoy the music. We shared some yummy quiche and a carrot cake muffin for brunch, caught up with another friend we encountered there, and had fun looking at all the cool items for sale. Mom treated me to a beautiful owl pendant! We stopped at a farm stand on the way back and got a few things, too. I’m so blessed – my Mom is an awesome person and we love to hang out together.

So, here are the links I’ve been saving up to share with you.

The Feast Day of the Goddess Yemaya is coming up in just a few days, on September 7th. I’ve been really connecting with Her and with my mermaid roots, this summer. And yes, She’s in the book!

Happy Birthday to my Virgo sisters and brothers! Here’s a cool write-up on our sometimes misunderstood sign.

Examining – and embracing – the word priestess.

Why we do spiritual practice – from the lips of the Dalai Lama, no less!

A hearty YAY to this list of ways to love a self-employed person!

I’m soooo excited to put together my bullet journal for 2017. I know, geeky, right?

“Maybe a massive global groove is all we need to break free of the patriarchy!” I love this article on dance as meditation.

This was one of the fun rabbit holes my book research led me down: the metaphysics of music. A long but fascinating read.

I’m studying up on prosperity, and so I created a Pinterest board with related resources.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and a blessing-filled week as well!