Self-Love Maintenance

The winter of 2011 is when I first got started, in a focused way, on a quest to learn to love myself. More than two years in, it’s going amazingly well. Loving myself has made such a huge difference in my life! I’m more joyful, less stressed, and more accepting of life’s vicissitudes. I’m also much more fearless when it comes to pursuing my dreams.

I just finished a new book called Cultivating Self-Love, and had a fantastic time writing it. I know without a doubt that it’s an excellent book. I’m self-publishing it, and I’m excited to release it to as wide an audience as possible, to share the blessings of self-love. Recently, without much formal training, I performed in a dance piece that I helped choreograph. Three of us, students in a theatrical bellydance class, performed it twice. Both times we were in a show with many more experienced dancers, including some professionals. Sure, I was a bit nervous, but rather than being intimidated or insecure, I was excited to share my creativity in a new forum. I’m also planning to take some basic bellydance classes this fall.

The foundation of maintaining and expanding my self-love is my daily use of affirmations. I wrote this list back in 2011, and I still use it regularly. I’ve added some others along the way, but here is my basic list of self-love affirmations:

My inner Source is pleased with me.

I am a beloved child of the Multiverse.

I give and receive Love freely.

I am creative and talented.

My ideas and projects are helping the Multiverse expand.

I am intimately connected with the Divine.

I deserve to be happy and successful.

I am worthy of Love just as I am.

I Love and approve of myself.

Affirmations are a valuable tool. Feel free to use some of mine, or adapt them as you see fit. Or create your own list based on your needs and desires. I highly recommend learning to love yourself more. It will change your life in many delightfully unforeseen ways.

Tell me what you think!