Newest Family Members

My brother, who is a dog person, is nevertheless great at finding cats for our family. Yesterday he brought us our newest family members, two kittens. Introducing: Merlin and Percy (Sir Percival)! Yesterday was Kitten Welcoming Day. Here they are in my Mom’s lap:

Mystick is not completely happy about them, but he’s slowly getting used to their presence. Star is convinced we’ve brought her two new playmates! Though the kittens are a little intimidated by her size. Right now they are pausing in their brother-to-brother wrestling match to watch Star walking around the living room with a toy.

They slept on my bed, woke me up early to play, and when I fell back asleep and woke up again, they were lying on my pillow snuggled up to my head!

Merlin is a bit more snuggly (Bridget’s ideal) and Percy likes to explore (which Tristan is enjoying). They are SO tiny and cute! Welcome kittens!

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